Our Values

Given our unique potential role in the District’s healthcare system, our FSHCs have to create an organizational culture that will keep residents coming back to our locations. After all, going to your local fire station for health care is not natural, but one day, at Healthcare, Inc we seek to make that a reality. 

Thus, our staff will embody the following values:

Compassionate healthcare - too often urgent care centers fall short because of a lack of customer service. In order to attract and retain customers, our staff must be passionate about their unique role in the District’s healthcare system. They will be at the cutting edge of public-private partnerships in the field of healthcare and their work will assist thousands of lower-income individuals who usually would be left behind. We hope that this unique role will empower our staff to be compassionate to all of our customers.

Community healthcare - our FSHCs will strive to become fully integrated into the community by taping into the networks of social nonprofits, community organizations, and places of worship near the health center. Firefighters are seen as some of the most trusted public servants in government and by combining this trust with local institutions we hope to create an environment that is welcoming and reassuring to our customers.

Affordable healthcare - by using fire stations, the FSHCs can pass on these savings to the customer. Combined with our flexibility with insurance coverage, our centers will provide affordable care at a competitive price. 

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