Reaching out to Nonprofits

Across Washington, D.C., there is a large network of healthcare nonprofits that seek to provide affordable preventative care to patients. Healthcare, Inc wants to amplify their efforts by allowing them to access the reach of our fire station health center network. These nonprofits offer free medical resources like HIV testing that are critical to the District's citizens. More importantly, they know the real issues because they've been there before. 

Healthcare, Inc would like to announce our recent partnerships with the following nonprofits: 

  • Unity Health Care (Stanton Road SE and 45th Street NE)
  • Bread for the City (Good Hope Road, SE)
  • Children's Health Center (MLK Ave, SE)
  • Community of Hope (17th St. NE)
  • Planned Parenthood (Minnesota Ave, NE)

In the coming months, we'll announce how we plan to specifically work with these nonprofits. For now, our staff are working to learn as much as we can about the healthcare issues facing the unique neighborhoods of Wards 7 and 8. The first thing we learned, was the importance of offering our customers a tier system for payment. In other words, when you use the resources of a fire station health center, we'll do our best to ensure that most of your costs are covered by your insurance. For those who do not have insurance, or are under-insured, our tier system of payment will be based on your yearly income. For certain residents, your healthcare may even be free thanks to a generous grant from the D.C. government. 

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