Reducing the Burden


The number of ER transports in DC is growing. 

“The reality is that the [Fire Department] is no longer a fire department that also handles medical calls, but instead it is a pre-hospital care department that occasionally fights fires. Therefore, the Department must adjust its way of thinking and manner of doing business."

-Deputy Mayor Quander

In 2008, a Congressional study discovered that D.C. emergency rooms were, on average, overcapacity by at least 200%. 


“It’s an area where we run a lot of sick people...a whole lot. If they drank more [orange juice] they’d cut down on health care cuts.”

– A Firefighter from D.C. Engine Company 10 


Our firefighters are overwhelmed and need help. Fire station health centers can be part of the solution for a 21st century fire department. Click here to learn about serving the underserved residents of D.C. 


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