Reinventing the Fire Department

The implementation of a pilot program for the fire station health centers will be completed over five stages of development. 


Collect data: When the plans for the fire station health centers are approved and Healthcare, Inc gains access to the full collection of fire department data, emergency call rates and avoidable ER transports will be monitored. 

Site selection: When enough data has been collected, two fire stations will be selected to participant in the program. 

Focus groups: The local communities near the two fire station health centers will be given a presentation on the project and a chance to take part in the development process. The focus groups will allow Healthcare, Inc, to identity the unique needs of the local neighborhood. Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, the lowest level of elected governance in D.C., will also be brought into these focus groups to build community support. 

Construction: Fire station health centers involving building out an existing station to accommodate 1,500 to 2,000 square feet. This allows for a reception area, office space, and patient rooms for treatment. 

Operations: When the health centers are operational, a staff of between 4 and 7 nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and office managers, will manage each center. 

This pilot program is only the first step in the evolution of the D.C. department. If the program proves successful during its two year pilot program, more centers will be built. Our goal is to gradually transform the department to embrace its new medical identity. To become apart of our goal, click here. 


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