What Makes Healthcare, Inc Different

Healthcare, Inc welcomes you as we advocate for a fire station health center program in D.C. This website is specifically created for passionate members of the community, like yourself. The city is reaching the end of a mayoral primary election and the fire department's performance has been a top issue for the candidates. Now is the time to advocate for real reform of the department and it starts with you. 

And that is what makes our approach to healthcare different, an emphasis on community building and understanding so that we can craft unique healthcare solutions to your neighborhood. Visit the website of any urgent care center or hospital and you get a static experience. It doesn't pull you in, it doesn't utilize your expert knowledge of your street or neighborhood. That's what makes fire stations the perfect staging ground for a new kind of community based healthcare: one the incorporates the resources of the city, a private entity like Healthcare, Inc, and local nonprofits. 


If a fire station health center is launched in your neighborhood, you'll know it. We'll conduct focus groups with your local civic associations and Advisory Neighborhood Commissions to get a sense of what you need. And when construction is complete, you'll see us conducting education seminars with your places of worship and your schools. Finally, we'll amplify the power of local nonprofits that provide free HIV testing to better serve your community. In the coming months, make sure to check our website for continuous updates. In the meantime, sign our petition for a better fire department or volunteer to host one of our educational seminars. 

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